Securitas is a knowledge leader in the field of security. To maintain our strong position in the security industry we focus both on the integration of all our competence areas in complete security solutions and on a higher level of technology content.

Security solutions and technology

Technology, knowledge and market are already well developed, and we know that more technology decreases the customer's total cost for a satisfactory security solution. Therefore, we have set a target to increase the sales share of security solutions and technology.

We believe that especially the technology of real-time security, including intelligent video surveillance, will become a key differentiator among security companies and are therefore investing a lot in this area. For example, we have established a global competence center in Malmö (Sweden) for video surveillance solutions where global concepts and solutions are developed to support the country organizations.

Strengthening our global presence

An important component of our long-term strategy is to expand our global presence. Our aim is to maintain a strong position in the security industry and to ensure our ability to deliver services to our global customers.