Securitas Sicherheitsmitarbeiterin

Securitas Integrity Line

The reporting system for our employees helps us to protect our core values.

We are proud of our employees and we want them to know that their voices are important in our company. We rely on our employees to help us by speaking up whenever any situation threatens the "Securitas' Values and Ethics" or our reputation.

The Securitas Integrity Line Website is available to our employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide this additional channel of communication to allow our employees another way to voice their concerns.

All reported cases of non-compliance with Securitas' Values and Ethics, no matter what channel the report came through, are investigated and documented in a structured way. Securitas has a separate Group policy, a Securitas Integrity Reporting Policy, that for example sets out investigation responsibilities and response times, and provides information about data protection rules.

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Securitas Integrity Line