Unsere Verantwortung

Our responsibility

Securitas assumes responsibility for a great number of social, economic and environmental issues.

We comply with the laws and regulations in all our countries of operation and work with public organizations and authorities, while ensuring transparency of our processes and compliance with the applicable social standards. Moreover, Securitas supports and respects the fundamental human rights and recognizes its responsibility to promote and observe those rights when conducting its daily business.

These and other corporate principles are stipulated in our "Securitas' Values and Ethics Code" to which Securitas expects all of its employees to adhere.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility

In addition to improving our service delivery, we engage in many activities and initiatives, such as the minimization of transports, the control of purchases and the support of the community through financial sponsorships.

When it comes to assuming entrepreneurial responsibility, our work is to be efficient, realistic and profitable. The decentralization of decisions and responsibilities plays a fundamental role in the Securitas management model, the focus thus being on the individual branch offices conducting the company's daily operations.

Our main duty is to be a solid, trustworthy and reliable employer and to offer our employees good terms and ample development and career opportunities. Protecting the basic rights of our employees is of fundamental importance because the employees are by far our most important asset. Other important aspects include improving the status of security officers, protecting the employees and supporting them in dealing with threatening situations.