Safety in retail

Retailers and Center operators must ensure safety and order. Our security concepts and high service standards meet the constantly growing demands and ever-changing needs of the customers.

Our services include the monitoring of free escape and rescue routes, as well as the smooth operation of technical security systems. Moreover, the prevention and investigation of inventory losses caused by theft, fraud, embezzlement or retail shrinkage play an important role.

Our service portfolio

  • Center guards
  • Mystery shopping
  • Security check theft
  • Training “Prevention in retail”
  • Doormen
  • Store detectives
  • Gate services
  • Customer reception / information staff
  • Guarding services during storage and openings
  • Providing support in the goods receiving department
  • Return and complaints service
  • Parking lot management
  • Alarm response services

Shopping center Schöneweide

With 45 specialist shops and a great choice of restaurants, the Schöneweide shopping center at Berlin-Köpenick is the district’s trading hub. Both customers and sellers, rely on the Center when it comes to doing business. Its oper